Body Piercing

At The Sharp Practice we are proud to have three experienced piercers: Becky, Stew and Naomi.

Find out more about our piercers, as well as the wide range of piercings we offer below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members!

Our Piercers



Co-founder and joint owner Becky is the studio's resident piercer, and has been piercing since 1994. Specialising in the normal and more eccentric piercings as well as the more intimate piercings. From earlobe piercings to dermal implants.

As piercing is such a huge part of the studio, they have taken on two more piercers Stew and Naomi with many years of experience between them both as well as being trained by Becky herself.



Stew, has been with us since 2019 now and his energetic and lively character shows with the customers, he always puts a smile on their face and brings an element of show business to the studio, leaving the customers wanting to come back for more. As well as being one of our main piercers Stew has a love for art and this also shows when doing the custom t-shirt printing, his piercing room is full of his many artwork designs he has painted.


Naomi, joined us in 2010, her love and experience of piercings shows within her customer interactions, her calm nature always puts the customers at ease. She is always keeping up with current piercing trends. As well as piercing Naomi is also trained in laser tattoo removal.

Piercing Prices

*All piercing prices include the titanium jewellery that is used to do the piercing(s).

Ear Piercings

Earlobes – One – £17.50
Earlobes – Two – £28.50
Top Ear – £28.50
Rook – £30.50
Tragus/Anti Tragus – £33.50
Scaffolding – £43.50
Forward helix – £30.50
Conch – £33.50
Daith – £33.50
Snug – £33.50

    Face and Body Piercings

    Nose – £33.50
    Eyebrow – £30.50
    Septum – £38.50
    Belly button – Plain – £28.50
    Belly button – 1 Crystal – £31.50
    Belly button – 2 Crystals – £38.50
    Dermal Implant – £33.50
    Surface bar – £33.50
    Nipple – £33.50 each

    Oral Piercings

    Tongue – £38.50
    Lip (Labret) – £30.50
    Smiley – £38.50

    Jewellery Changes

    For people who have trouble changing their own jewellery, we have fully trained staff who are able to change jewellery for you. This is £8.50.


    Piercing Guide

    Not sure what to get? Take a look at our diagram to get a better idea of what might work for you! If you have any further questions about our piercings or how to look after your new piercing, get in touch.