We offer a wide range of aftercare, available for purchase in our shop on the corner of Catherine Street. Find more information and our prices below. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. 


OTTO Piercing Spray

We created our own range of piercing aftercare solution, our Otto aftercare piercing spray is vegan and cruelty free with its gentle and natural ingredients, the formula comes in a handy 50ml bottle, consisting of witch hazel, lavender oil and tea-tree oil. These three natural ingredients combined together smell divine. The piercing spray helps to heal and soothes piercings, in addition it is good for cuts and spots. We sell this at £3.99 as this is such a popular product, we have introduced a refill service, and we charge £3.50 to refill your existing Otto piercing spray bottle.

Price: £3.99

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Otto Aloe Vera Aftercare spray

With the Otto piercing spray being so popular and successful, with the natural and vegan friendly ingredients we offer the Otto Aloe Vera spray for our tattoo laser removal clients the spray is fantastic for after the treatment as it helps cool the area. Just shake and apply to the area which has been lasered!

Price: £4.99