Website Launch!

Welcome to the new Sharp Practice web site! As we continue to grow we felt it would be highly beneficial to enhance our online presence, allowing us to show piece the renowned work of our talented artists and technicians.

Please visit our artist page to browse any of our artist’s bio and portfolio. As well as high quality, bespoke tattoos, we also offer cosmetic treatments, including laser tattoo removable, hair removable and semi-permanent makeup, as well body piercings.

We are proud of our growth over the past several years and we know this is built on our reputation as an honest, family run business which delivers high quality work for our clients. These are the values we aim to operate with and further build upon. We would like to thank Webbed Feet UK for creating our new web site. Webbed Feet UK is another highly regarded local business that creates quality, bespoke web sites, in Salisbury.

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